Placed in Pier 59 building, you walk into the long grey room filling up with stylish men and women. It starts off with Sabo Luxe collection; dance music starts playing and models come out with light fabrics on in white, pink, nude, and yellow with accents of bows. The checkered fabric takes you to the heart of the summer and picnics. The dresses and skirts are made mini and the tops show skin with off the shoulder action. The mommy and me outfit stole the show as a model walks down the runway in an off the shoulder mini dress with ruffled accents on the shoulders and sleeves with a little curly headed girl dressed in a cute matching printed pink and white dress with knotted shoulder accent straps.

The show then takes a sexier turn with Ashlee Lauren’s collection of lingerie. The music plays a Beyoncé beat, which gets you in the mood for what’s to come, and models start to rip down the runway in nothing but all black lingerie, white button downs, and head pieces. The lingerie is simple in color but has some fun elements like high waited underwear and ruffled bralettes. Even though the collection isn’t full of dramatic elements the models’ confident walks paired with the sexy lingerie makes you want to buy every piece you see.


Bronx & Banco collection brings a retro vibe to the runway with big puffed sleeves, ruffles, feathers, and oversized flowing sleeves coupled with 70s music as the models walk down the runway. There is a mixture of dramatic cocktails dresses and body suits that capture your attention the whole time.


Haus of Song ss18 collection introduces a more sophisticated but fun feel to the runway with reds, purples, greens, and neon fabrics mixed with white lace and black. There is a consistent theme of a one ruffled shoulder accent on certain pieces as well as sheer and lace pieces. While Kanye West plays, the collection unfolds from bright and fun fabrics to elegant/edgy black and white ensembles. The collection has a piece for every occasion from a red and purple sun dress for a hot summer day to a white blazer for a night out and everything in between.


Flare Street, however, continues the retro theme and captures your attention with fun printed hot pants and suits filled with bright colors. With the young prints of the moon that reminds you of night time and the capes, this collection makes you feel very young and fun.


Mb the label has a more mature element to the runway with black, cream, gold fabrics and see through elements. The mix of black and leopard if perfect for the mature woman that still wants to feel wild. The collection accentuates the female body with long form fitted skirts and simple silhouettes.


Torrance collection brings a more youthful feel with a mix of lace, leather, fringe, and ruffles in golds, copper, red, and black fabrics. The detailing and fringe accents of a gold dress that stops at the mid-calf brings a great Gatsby vibe but less dated. The collection then introduces a soft leather long sleeved dress in a creamy brown that looks like a second skin on the model. It even has a silk gold pants suit that is simple but takes your breath away.  My personal favorite is the black studded mini skirt with matching biker jacket accented with red flowers. This collection takes all the fun fabrics that makes a woman feel sexy and gives them a beautiful clean finish that makes you want to grab each piece off the runway.


The last collection by Elliatt is full of pink, white, lavender, green, nude, lace, and ruffles. Floral printed pink dresses with off the shoulder accents and matching head pieces give a light feel to the runway. The light white printed fabric wraps around the model perfectly with ruffled shoulder accents which makes you feel sort of romantic. The green two-piece top and skirt is simply crafted but still gives a dramatic element to the collection. My personal favorite is the lavender two-piece suit with ruffles on the shoulders and simple two buttons that brings a light-hearted feel to an everyday piece you can wear to work or special event. This fashion show brings the viewer through a couple of emotions and makes you lose their breathe a couple times. It is every woman’s fantasy, to be able to have everything you need in one place. I truly enjoyed watching every collection emerge and hope to see the evolution of each clothing label.


Blogged by Folasade Thompson