“The Future Must Come Faster.  There is malevolence here, in the air, in the clothes.  Run towards pure lines.  Towards the transparent.  Sprint from yesterday, past horror of tomorrow to the world after that.  That future must come faster.


-Julianna Bass


This is the theme of Julianna Bass’ Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection.   With classic styled looks paired with simple colors such as blue, black, and red make you wish you had every piece in your closet. From simply crafted gowns to exciting fur embellished knit sweaters, Julianna Bass’ collection is for any occasion.  Although the pieces have a sleek and simple essence they bring forth imagination and regality for the everyday woman.


Displayed as a presentation you get to appreciate the detail and craftsmanship of the line rather than just seeing it for a few moments down the runway.   Julianna Bass is definitely on fire! She has shown her line for the past two years at New York Fashion Week and hasn’t missed a beat!  I am sure that she has acquired quite a following and excited to see more from her next season.



Blogged by Folasade Thompson