Closet Cuts

This is an assessment of “what didn’t make the cut”. Basically, what to keep, what to store and what to give away. We will help you sort your castaways for consignment or charities and your fixer uppers to be repaired. Will leave you with must have essentials list to complete your closet.

Closet Shopping

Treasure hunt by shopping in your closet for unknown treasures, like those red pumps you never wear. This is a fun and exciting way for you to reinvent your wardrobe and update your style by creating new looks from what you already have! We will help you to strengthen your sense of style to reflect your unique personality. Whatever you think your problem areas are (on top, in the middle or on the bottom). We will teach you how to accentuate your figure and show you what works best for your body’s shape and size. We will help you to rethink your garments to maximize your investments, and create a shopping list to fill in the holes. You’ll feel like you’ve gone shopping without having left your home!

Personal Shopping With You

Do you find the shopping experience too overwhelming for you? Not sure when to splurge or when to save? Your stylist will take you shopping. We will make your shopping experience enjoyable and fun! Let us help you select clothing that fit your lifestyle.

Personal Shopping For You

Let us do the leg work for you. We can bring the clothes to your home or place of business to try on. We also save you the time of not being bothered with returns. We can return all of the items that you do not want back to the store.

Online Shopping

Let DH Style save you the time and trouble of searching for the best online retailers. We’ll help you navigate through online shopping for any and all of your wardrobe needs by using a mixture of online retailers. The possibilities are endless!

Girls Night In!

DH Style’s 3C’s to a great girls night in!

Clothing, Conversation and Cocktails!!!!

Hot Topics:

  • Trend Talk – We will discuss the latest trends and how to wear them according to your lifestyle.
  • Top Ten – Discussion on the top 10 staple items that every women should have in her wardrobe.
  • Accessorize – We will talk about the basic accessories that tie outfits together.

Mommy Makeover

There’s no need to dump your sense of style after giving birth. Find fashion that is up-to-date, flattering, comfortable and quick. Don’t neglect your own fashion sensibilities, you can be a hot mama who exudes confidence and poise in your clothing.

This is a great package if you’ve just had a little one and need a little help getting back on your “fashion game”! We’ll show you all of the techniques to help you “glamourflouge” and make you feel like your old self again. We will also show you where to shop for your transitional self.

Man Oh Man! (For the Fellas)*

Do you need a woman’s touch? Do you want us to help you enhance your style? Let DH Style help you to do a total overhaul of your lifestyle, from your closet to your home.

Date Night

Going on a hot date? You have not a clue what wear? Have no fear, DH Style is here! Let us create 3 fabulous outfits for you. We’ll come up with options with a visit to you at home or via Skype online. We will leave you feeling cool, calm and confident for your big night out!

Add-On Services

*College to Corporate (Closet Cuts, Shopping with you/for you)

This is the transition from college sweats to corporate attire. We will help you shop for the key career pieces for your wardrobe.

*10% Student discount is available with this add on a basic service package & current student ID

Celebrity Chic (Closet Cuts, Shopping with you/for you)

Want to look like a celebrity, but don’t want to pay the celebrity price? Let us show you how to get the look for less.

Create a Look Book (Encompasses all packages)

Feel like you need a manual like Dressing for Dummies? Let us create a personalized look book to help you to have an award winning look every day and stretch your wardrobe. This can be tailored to whatever look or style you are trying to achieve.

  • 30 Looks for 30 Days – Full Look Book
  • 14 Looks for 14 Days – Mini Look Book